Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center

VSEC operates state of the art 24-hour hospitals in Levittown, Bucks County and Philadelphia. Read More »

Having an Emergency? Our PET ER is open 24/7/365 in both Levittown & Philadelphia

If you require immediate care for your pet, VSEC's Emergency Service is always open and no appointment is necessary. Read More »

What is a Board-Certified Veterinary Specialist?

As in human medicine, some veterinary doctors choose to pursue further education in a specialized area of practice. A board-certified veterinary specialist has completed at least 8 years of post-graduate education. Read More »

VSEC's Mission

Our mission is to enhance the human-animal bond by providing our community of referring veterinarians and pet owners with exceptional specialty and emergency care. Our core values of professional excellence, teamwork, integrity, compassion and service guide us in fulfilling our mission.

Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center welcomes you and your pets for referral or emergency veterinary care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. As an advanced multi-specialty and emergency pet hospital, we understand that your pet is a part of your family and deserves leading edge medicine in a compassionate and caring environment.

Our board-certified specialists and emergency clinicians pride themselves on building strong relationships with primary care veterinarians through constant communication. This ensures continuity of care between pet owners, referring veterinarians and VSEC doctors.

As a 24 hour emergency veterinary hospital, VSEC provides important diagnostics on site such as ultrasound, MRI, CT, digital x-ray and an in-house lab so that we can provide the highest level of care for our patients.

VSEC Levittown, a certified level 1 emergency & critical care facility and national trauma center, is located just minutes from northeast Philadelphia and 10 minutes south of Trenton, in Lower Bucks County. VSEC Philadelphia is located in South Philadelphia, minutes from both the Ben Franklin and Walt Whitman bridges. We are happy to provide state-of-the-art, personalized 24-hour emergency and specialty veterinary care to the Greater Philadelphia and South Jersey regions.

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Recent Announcements


NEW VSEC SPECIALTY Anesthesia & Pain Management

VSEC is proud to announce the addition of Dr. Sabrina Reilly, DVM, DACVAA (Anesthesiology). We are pleased to be one of the few referral centers in Pennsylvania to have a board certified anesthesiologist on staff.


VSEC Cardiology DOUBLES Capacity

VSEC is proud to announce the addition of Dr. Julia Shih, DVM, DACVIM (Cardiology). Working primarily out of the Philadelphia hospital, Dr. Shih will be available for consultations in September.


VSEC now has 3 Board-Certified Radiologists on Staff

VSEC's Dr. Renee Simpler is now the 3rd full-time board-certified Radiologist on staff. She has achieved the highest level of training and credentials in her field and is here to provide world-class diagnostic imaging and analysis.

VSEC prides itself on having the most caring, compassionate and dedicated staff members.

Our doctors, nurses, customer service representatives and administrative staff members are committed to working together as a cohesive team to provide the highest quality veterinary care for your pets.

From Our Blog

It’s An Emergency When Your Pet Can’t Go

If your dog is demanding to go outside more than usual, or your cat is driving you crazy with all his litter box visits, it may be a signal that something is very, very wrong. When the urethra – the thin tube through which urine is moved out of the body from the bladder Read More »

Is Your Pet Hiding a Toothache?

You would think that a cat or a dog who has a throbbing toothache would shy away from the food bowl. That’s not so, says Dr. Donnell Hansen, a specialist in veterinary dentistry and oral surgery. Pets eat right through the pain and, for the most part, don’t complain. (At best, you may notice your pet mouthing toys less.) As a survival mechanism, animals are hardwired to hide any weaknesses.Read More »

Helping Pets Age Gracefully: Vision Loss

As aging progresses, it’s more likely that your pets will experience difficulty with their vision and even blindness. Causes of blindness include glaucoma, cataracts, retinal detachment, serious eye injuries and a variety of other diseases.Read More »

Helping Your Pet Age Gracefully: Painful Joints

As we all know, growing older comes with some challenges. That’s true for pets, too. In the second of our four-part series on aging and pets, we discuss a common, age-related health issue – arthritis. Below, we share how to identify if your pet may be suffering from this degenerative disease and ways you and your veterinarian can work together to ease your pet’s painful jointsRead More »

VSEC Cardiology: A Day in the Life of the HEART of VSEC

Ever wonder what the a day is the Cardio service is like? Read on...Read More »

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Upcoming Events

Veterinarian CE Lab – Cytology Skills Lab – Koranda Wallace, VMD, DACVP

VETERINARIAN CE SERIES | KORANDA WALLACE, VMD, DACVP Levittown PA, December 5, 2015, 8:30am-11:00am Attendees will be lead through the finer points of Cytology skills by VSEC’s Clinical Pathologist. This hands-on opportunity will be very limited in capacity so register early!*To attend, please pre-register by emailing: Sfranco@vsecvet.comRead More »

Superbowl CE Symposium: Age Is Not A Disease, A Geriatric Medicine Symposium

Age Is Not A Disease, A Geriatric Medicine SymposiumThis (5) credit CE symposium will focus on geriatric conditions for older pets.Read More »

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In Their Own Words

“You all are as skilled in medicine as you are in compassion and bedside manner with our pets and even us. Your care and understanding will never be forgotten.” - Kathy Bechtel, Trenton, NJ
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