Portal Login for Referring Practices

VSEC Portal – Quick Reference Guide

Enter VSEC Referring Vet Portal HERE – this will take you to the Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners Website, who are hosting the VSEC Portal.

Nothing replaces the quality of one-on-one direct contact, but having access to patient information at the click of a mouse 24/7 certainly takes communication to the next level. That’s precisely what the new VSEC Portal does.

The portal provides password-protected, internet access to our medical records for past and present patients referred to our hospital by members of your clinical team. Records will be accessible 24/7 through our website – and, based on your preferences, you may elect to also receive faxes and/or email messages.

The portal enhances communications two ways:
1. Email or fax notices automatically sent to you when a patient of yours is being seen at VSEC. Emails will contain a direct link to the patients’ record in the portal – no need to re-enter the password.

  • Upon admission
  • Special updates on hospitalized patients
  • Upon discharge with discharge statement
  • Lab results received post-discharge

2. 24/7 password-protected access via our website to medical records of your patients – any seen past or present – that have been seen at VSEC within the last 6 months.

  • Labs and prescriptions
  • Images plus resulting imaging reports
  • Surgery and  other clinical reports
  • Discharge reports