Patient Spotlights

Lilly Tull

Thank you to the very special Doctors and Technicians on the VSEC team in caring for our dog throughout her emergency visit, surgery, and recovery. I would write this letter even if our outcome was disappointing and heartbreaking. Thankfully, our outcome was positive and joyous; but you should know how deeply we appreciate the quality of care and professionalism we experienced. Read More »



Mingo, a young female spayed adult dog, presented to VSEC 9/3/14 for wheezing, inappetence and lethargy. She had been originally found as a stray with a collar embedded in her neck. The collar was removed prior to her being taken in by PAWS and fostered. Since being fostered, Mingo was noted to have a hacking cough after drinking that produced water and foam. On the day of presentation Mingo was noted to be lethargic, inappetent and have trouble breathing. Chest x-rays on presentation showed a tracheal stricture (narrowing of the tracheal lumen) as well as lung changes suspected to be associated with pneumonia. Read More »


Jameson McCool

VSEC first met Jameson several years ago when Dr. Orsher resected a lick granuloma from his right antebrachium. Sometime in the Fall of 2012 he developed seizures. After being stabilized in VSEC’s ER, Dr. Eagleson found a small meningioma in Jameson’s brain on MRI. In preparation for his brain surgery an abdominal ultrasound was performed and a large mass in the liver was found. Fearing liver cancer, Dr. Orsher chose to first remove this mass. Liver surgery is always a bit risky but Jameson pulled through and was home in 48 hours. The great news came 3 days later when we learned the mass was benign. Read More »