Thanks to VSEC Philadelphia and VSEC Levittown...

My name is Suzie... I have two rescued dogs, Daphne, a 10 year old Schnauzer and Charlotte, an "approximate" 13 year old Chihuahua. My Daphne was a puppy mill dog who went blind overnight, later diagnosed as SARDS. She was taken to be euthanized, but thankfully was taken by Blind Dog Rescue Alliance. Charlotte was a street dog found covered in fleas, bald and blind in one eye. She also came to Blind Dog Rescue Alliance. I was rescued by these dogs about 3 and a half years ago, after I lost my beloved Dachshund, Sabrina. Thanks to VSEC Philadelphia and VSEC Levittown, my girls are leading a good life. Charlotte was diagnosed with breast cancer and after 2 surgeries by Dr. Hobday and three chemotherapies by Dr. Kazmierski, she will have reached her two year anniversary next month and officially be cancer free. Both girls are patients of your magnificent cardiologist, Dr. Beth Bossbaly. Charlotte has developed significant heart disease, but thanks to the two medications prescribed by Dr. Bossbaly, she is doing well. I cannot say enough about Dr. Jennings, your dentist. He is just fabulous. After he performed dentals on both girls which involved multiple extractions, they could do commercials for beautiful doggie teeth. All in all, your doctors at both hospitals have given my girls the chance to live their lives with the dignity and good health that they deserve.
-Suzie in Philadelphia

Very Pleased with VSEC

Our 4 year old YorkiePoo had a sneeze and a cough for six months. We had him back and forth to the vet with various diagnoses such as kennel cough, bronchitis and allergies. When he still wasn't getting better with antibiotics, steroids or antihistamines, we went to VSEC to see a specialist. Within 8 hours, our dog had blood work, a chest x-ray and a CT scan. They saw major swelling in his nasal cavity and found a 3/4 inch thorny twig stuck in his nose! We were so happy to have finally found the cause of his symptoms. The staff was very friendly and true animal lovers! The facility was very clean. We were very pleased with our experience. THANK YOU!
-Kayla in Philadelphia

Erin & Max

Dr. Klag and all the staff at VSEC are fantastic. They treated us so kindly and made us feel important. Despite being busy, Dr. Klag took his time with us and explained everything very thoroughly. Max gets very scared at the vet, but Dr. Klag was great with him and helped to calm him down. After the appointment, we were asked to call with updates. It was nice to be able to receive continued care, without having to pay for additional office visits. I would recommend VSEC and Dr. Klag to anyone needing specialized care for their pet.

-Erin, Willow Grove, PA

Donna & Bianca

Dear VSEC,
When trouble started in the middle of the night, and my local emergency veterinary center needed to refer Bianca to the next level care, I had 2 choices - Penn or VSEC. At 3 AM I rushed my dog to Levittown, and she was stabilized, diagnosed and well cared for until she could be seen by a specialist in NYC for a highly specialized procedure. That was about 3 years ago. I'm happy to say she made a complete recovery and is in excellent health. She returns to VSEC for annual diagnostics to ensure her kidneys are functioning well. I credit VSEC with an outstanding level of care, superb diagnostics and patient support through the entire process. Here's a photo of her at her most recent visit.

Donna Marie
Easton, PA

Dan, Ziva, Jon, Nessiya, Shomer & Kalah

Dear Dr. Tseng,
I apologize that it has taken me so long to write this letter. This past June you saved the life of our dog, Shomer. You might recall that Shomer was a male, mostly miniature poodle. When we brought him in, he had lost all of his platelets and was bleeding internally. We had limited funds, and we opened a charge card with a limited amount of money, but all that we could afford. I was driving you a bit crazy with all the questions I was asking. Although you made it clear that Shomer only had a 50/50 chance, it was obvious that you really cared for Shomer. We could see clearly that you were not just putting your medical expertise into saving his life, but you were also putting your heart into it too. Even if we had lost him, we knew that you would have done your best, and been sad along with us.

I like to think that your warm heart made the difference. Although he required two blood transfusions, Shomer pulled through. Now three months later, he is back to 100% of his pre-illness strength, including practically dragging us when we walk him. When his loud barking returned, it was music to our ears. Every day we are grateful that we still have Shomer, and that we have you and VSEC to thank for it.

Shomer's illness happened just a week or two before my wife's birthday. She commented that saving Shomer was the best birthday gift she could have received. It was a wonderful gift to all of us. Here is Shomer with his wife, Kalah

Dan, Ziva, Jon, Nessiya, Shomer & Kalah
Philadelphia, PA

Kathleen & Trixie

In Memory of Trixie Bechtel: 1/1/2000 – 7/10/2014
I adopted Trixie almost 15 years ago when she was just 8 months old. Trixie had been rescued from US Route 1 with a rusty chain dragging behind her. She was malnourished and suffered many lacerations. It’s thought she was used as bait for dog fighting. That was the last she would know of a bad life.

Trixie lived the real dog life from that point forward with her canine sister, Tessa, and then later, a new canine brother, Gabriel. She cuddled in bed. She slept on the couch. She watched me with love and gratitude in her eyes each and every day, as if she never forgot being saved and was eternally grateful.

Jumping 4-5 feet up into the big Oak tree in the yard kept her busy – patrolling for squirrels and bunnies invading the yard. When she wasn’t on yard duty, she loved being the star student at K9 Nose work class.

While she may have been grateful for her rescue, I think I was the blessed one. Trixie brought love and joy everywhere she went. She was the companion every dog lover dreams of. One cannot measure or even give words to the love we receive from our pets. It is only something that can be felt and experienced. Trixie gave me that love which will always be with me.

The news of Trixie’s illness was heartbreaking. Then we met the staff and doctors at VSEC, who eventually became Trixie’s second family and home-away-from-home. I cannot express enough all of the heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Peter Chapman and the entire staff at VSEC, especially Kevin and Carina. The time spent with Trixie and the extra love and attention she received while there was nothing short of incredible. You all are as skilled in medicine as you are in compassion and bedside manner with our pets and even us. Your care and understanding will never be forgotten.

“Thank you” is simply not enough. I know Trixie would agree…

All my love and gratitude,

Kathleen Bechtel

Liz, Bob & Pumpernickel

Dear Dr Orsher,

This is Pumpernickel our 10 1/2 year old sweet Maine coon kitty.
My heartfelt thanks for performing this complex surgery on her and removing a cancerous tumor.
You are a skilled and superior surgeon.

Pumpernickel is recovering nicely and her fur has almost grown back. She sends you her special purrs.
We don't know if the tumor will return, but I am grateful for the kindness shown by you and your wonderful staff.
Liz & Bob Allen

Jeanine & Spike

In December my dog Spike tore his ACL. Because of the wonderful treatment he received at VSEC, we returned in May when Spike tore his other ACL! The facilities at the new hospital on Front Street are easy to access, immaculately clean, and welcoming. Everyone that we have interacted with including reception, nurses, techs and doctors have been amazing and understanding during this emotional experience. I would highly recommend VSEC to anyone and everyone that has a pet in need of care. Doctor Ben-Amotz was extraordinarily responsive before and after Spike's surgery. He answered my un-ending emails with care and compassion.
Jeanine, Philadelphia, PA

Brandi & Penny

Our Penny, a three year old rescued Great Dane, was diagnosed with spontaneous pneumothorax. VSEC was absolutely wonderful to us. When we got there, Penny was taken right away. We saw an emergency vet, who walked us through what was going on with Penny and gave us far more detail about her condition. They also were very understanding about our financial concerns and made sure we knew that opting out of the procedure would not make us bad people, which was really comforting.

The very next day, the surgeon, Dr. Harriman, called me and talked me through Penny's condition one more time and walked me through the procedure step by step. They had discovered that her condition was worse than they had originally thought, discovering that she had two bulla in her left lung and one in her right, meaning that they'd have to do a double lobectomy. He once again assured me that if we didn't want to go through with it, it wouldn't make us bad people. When I told him that we decided on a DNR, he told me that he agreed that that would probably be best for Penny (whether he truly belied that or not, I don't know, but it meant a lot to me that he made me feel good with that decision). After the procedure, Dr. Harriman called me right away and gave me a very detailed account of what happened. I truly appreciated that he didn't try to dumb things down for me and allowed me to ask as many questions as I wanted. He also called me the following day to give me an update on Penny's condition.

The support staff at VSEC was also amazing. Walking in there was like hanging out with old friends. The girls at the desk always knew who I was there to see (even though Penny was only there for a few days). Whenever we go for follow up visits, they also know exactly who we are. While we were scared for our dog, they joked around with us and made us feel like we were surrounded by friends who cared just as much for our girl as we do. It was like we were part of their family. My mom and I have joked that we would love to just go and hang out with them.

Since the surgery, Penny has had difficulty getting her wound to fully close because of the shape of her abdomen. VSEC has been seeing her once a week to monitor the situation and has not charged us once for any of these follow up procedures, even though they had to staple her and then restitch her. While I'd obviously prefer not have to visit VSEC again for emergency services, if I do need them, we will be hightailing it up there first thing.
-Brandi, Philadelphia, PA

Ashlie & Rudy

They took great, immediate care of Rudy and he even came home a day early and they refunded me some of my deposit! It's been almost 8 weeks and Rudy is fully recovered from his blocked urethra and happily enjoying his new prescription diet :)
-Ashlie, Philadelphia, PA

Star Adler

Dear VSEC,
I want to thank all the doctors and staff at VSEC for taking such good care of me. I got sick on my way from Cincinnati to Phila and you guys made me better. Thanks to your care and skill, I am continuing my treatment back home in Cincinnati and getting better each day. You guys rock!
Loves and Licks,
Star Adler

Mary & Coo Coo

Dear Dr. Palazzini,
I just wanted to update you on Coo Coo and to thank you for being so kind and reassuring when I had her at VSEC to be cared for due to bite wounds from my dog. She is on the mend. She's still eating baby food meats but she's up to 3 jars/day in addition to a small amount of Fancy Feast wet food. I haven't let her back outside yet-she's still not up to that but her leg looks 100% better-no swelling and she's bearing weight on it. Her wounds are clean and she's doing well without pain meds at this point. You are honestly the nicest vet I've ever dealt with and your phone calls and expertise made me feel so much better even though I'm still beating myself up because my dog was able to get to her. You never made me feel bad about that and you have such a genuine love for animals-it shows. You deserve recognition for the way you handle yourself around animals and their worried owners. I can't thank you enough-I truly believe you saved Coo Coo's life. We are so grateful for all you did for her.
Richboro, PA

Marianne, Gary, Chamdo & Tashi

We have used VSEC Internal Medicine with Dr. Chapman for three years now to care for our two Tibetan terriers Chamdo and Tashi. We always receive the best care, Dr. Chapman and his staff are very professional and knowledgeable. They treat the dogs as individuals paying attention to their special quirks. When it came to critical care and eventually end of life for our 14 year old Chamdo, we knew we were in the best of hands. When he was hospitalized we never felt out of touch and at the end of his life, we were guided in the most caring way. His brother Tashi loves his visits and we know that we couldn't have made a better choice for his care. The VSEC front desk staff is very professional and welcoming and the facility very clean.

Thank You,
Marianne & Gary
Morrisville, PA

Maureen & Marcy

VSEC is an excellent facility for emergency petcare. I was referred by my local vet in NJ to see their internist, Dr. Chapman. He is thorough, professional and compassionate. We were unable to stabilize our cat and had tried many different approaches. Dr. Chapman got to the bottom of her underlying issues and we still take her back for check ups. She also had dermatological issues and Dr. Chapman coordinated her care with Dr. Watson. We also can't say enough about the nurses who have taken care of Marcy, either. They are wonderful. Lastly, the staff at the front desk is very efficient and kind. We wouldn't take our 16 year old cat anywhere else. We have complete trust and confidence in her doctors. I honestly don't think we would still have her with us if not for these dedicated people.

Medford, NJ

Carol & Dana

Dear VSEC,
Your staff and Dr. Jen MacLeod were just wonderful! As my girl is a bit of a senior (13 years) I was very concerned about her operation. But as promised she came through with flying colors, in large part to the experience and caring staff of doctors and nurses. I think your biggest problem was my nervousness! Thank-you for taking my endless phone calls inquiring about how she was doing, not once did I get the feeling that I was bothering anyone. Dana is doing great after two weeks, even running around the house like she is a puppy.

Again Thank-you and Have A Great Day
Jamison, PA

Melanie & Stanley

Dear VSEC,
Our critically ill Stanley had to be euthanized due to a ruptured cancerous tumor in the middle of the night. Every one of Stanley's Doctor's at VSEC signed a sympathy card for Stanley. It was the most compassionate and personal commitment that I have seen from any veterinary service.

Thank you,
Melanie Pease
Marlton, NJ

Edward & Stella

Dear VSEC,
I would like to thank Dr. Java who saved my dogs life about this time last year. My little girl accidently ate a friends muscle relaxers in early April last year. I came home to an almost lifeless dog and rushed her to your Philadelphia location. Dr. Java was amazing along with all the staff. Stella was in a coma for 2 days before she finally woke up. I have never seen such a caring staff. Not only did Dr. Java keep me updated every day and night, the entire staff was just amazing. Even while Stella was in a coma, every day when I would show up to see her, there would be a member of your staff looking after her, and constantly talking to her and petting her. When we first got there, Melissa was just getting done her shift and was about to leave when she saw us come in. Not only did she help out, she went out of her way to drive to UPENN and back to get my baby the medicine she needed that you did not have on site. When my baby girl finally woke up while I was there during one of my the visits, Dr. Pachtinger was overseeing at the time, he said that usually at this time they ask that family members leave, however since Stella woke up to my voice, and he said it seemed that I was helping calm her, he said I could stay. This was the turning point he told me, either she will fight through it, or she wouldn’t make it and only time will tell if she will recover, and if so, will be it a full one or if she will have brain damage. This was one of the happiest and scariest moments in my life. I had no control and could only try and calm my little girl as she screamed and yelped in confusion. She could not see or walk, but would try and move towards me and my voice. I stayed for an hour or two and could see that she was making more and more progress. Finally they told me I should let her rest and I could come back later that night. When I came back the staff gave me a private room, and brought Stella in to see me. They allowed me to lay with her for as long as I wanted, never once did I feel like anyone was trying to rush me or tell me I had to leave. Needless to say for those few nights I didn’t sleep at all, and that night when I went home it was the same, except this time I couldn’t sleep due to excitement. I had to work the next day and drove straight to the hospital after, at which point I was again given my own private room. To my surprise when the door opened, Stella came walking in all on her own! Today she is back to her normal self of running around and if anything has more energy and passion then before her accident. I want to say THANK YOU to all of your staff members that helped save my baby girl’s life.
Edward Hackett and Stella

Jasmine & Gizmo

Dear VSEC,
I've only been to VSEC once with my 5 month old kitten, Gizmo. I mixed up his meds and was so afraid I damaged his eyes. I didn't know what to do. I was told to take him there by a family friend. Let me tell you I was freaking out because it was 9:30 on a Sunday night in a snow storm and I had work the next morning and had no idea if his eyes were okay or not. We got there and the ladies at the front desk were so friendly and took our info right away. We sat down and waited for about 15 minutes then the triage tech came and I explained what happened and she took him back. We waited maybe a half hour then got taken back to talk to the doctor. Her name was Dr. Scali and she was just so sweet and reassuring that his eyes were okay and didn't need any further treatment. It was also extremely well kept and clean and god forbid if anything ever happens to him again I will definitely be taking him to VSEC.

Langhorne, PA

Kaye & Savana

Dear VSEC,
I want to thank Dr. Chapman and Dr. Risbon for the care and compassion they showed toward my Savana, the little reddish Oriental Shorthair, who lost the battle with lymphoma, Thursday, February 12. We first had contact with Dr. Chapman November 1 when Dr. Summers felt Savana's asthma needed further evaluation. Right from the beginning he showed his knowledge and compassion and treated her like she was the most important cat. She was diagnosed on January 24th with lymphoma in the lung. I wish to express how very much we appreciate Dr. Chapman and Dr. Risbon for their compassion, time and knowledge.

Kaye & Merrill Paletz
Churchville, PA

Sonny & Elaine

For several months, my American Cocker Spaniel, Sonny, suffered from a herniated disc in his neck. We had him on all kinds of medicine which helped temporarily. We even took him for acupuncture which also worked temporarily but the time came when the only thing that could relieve his heartbreaking pain was surgery. We were referred to VSEC from our acupuncture vet and had a wonderful experience from Day 1. We met with a vet tech working with the neurologist who took our background info and then took Sonny for his exam with Dr. Eagleson. Upon meeting with the doctor, it was decided that Sonny would have an MRI and if it warranted, would have surgery. Dr. Eagleson has hands of gold because within one day, Sonny was up and around and had a different look to his face. Dr. Eagleson called us and spoke to us about the surgery itself and the recovery time for Sonny. When we picked Sonny up he was like a different dog. He was literally pain free and within a few weeks wanted to get back to his routine. It is now almost two months later and Sonny has that Cocker trot back in his step and has been the happiest he has been in months. I truly thank Dr. Eagleson and all the wonderful people at VSEC. We are very blessed to have found them.
Elaine, Philadelphia, PA

Beth, Jessie & Kaela

My visits to VSEC have been many starting with my first visit in 2000 when I first saw Dr. Klag for my then 1 year old black and white Papillion, Kaela who was diagnosed with stomach issues (IBD). Since that visit, Dr. Klag has been my one go-to vet when my many regular vets didn't have an answer. Gem, my Tortoiseshell cat who had thyroid issues and diabetes, yet lived to 17 ½, Dixie, my Calico cat who lived to over 20 with various ailments including recovery from a serious bout of Pancreatitis, and Beau, my big beautiful grey tabby that had kidney and heart issues but still managed to live very comfortably until the ripe old age of 18. I sit here now beside Kaela, now turning 14, and think back to all her medical challenges along the way from her IBD to liver disease to gastro issues as a result of Chemo treatment for cancer. I am truly so blessed to still have her. I credit the wonderful and long lives of all my furry 4- legged children past and present to the wonderful care that Dr. Klag provides. His expertise, compassion, patience, and dedication to his patients has no equal. I am forever grateful.
Best Regards,
Beth Lombardi with Kaela (and Jessie who always "comes along for the ride")

Lilly Tull

Thank you to the very special Doctors and Technicians on the VSEC team in caring for our dog throughout her emergency visit, surgery, and recovery. I would write this letter even if our outcome was disappointing and heartbreaking. Thankfully, our outcome was positive and joyous; but you should know how deeply we appreciate the quality of care and professionalism we experienced.

Lily, our 9yr old pug, arrived at VSEC on Saturday, July 27, 2013 via an ambulance from Indian Walk Veterinary Clinic, intubated with oxygen and sedated. Dr. Pachtinger was waiting outside the hospital (along with a technician) to immediately receive Lily and begin evaluating her condition. He introduced himself, quickly welcomed us in, and then ran off to tend to Lily. Within a short period of time, he provided an initial diagnosis, in the process explaining his background and similar case histories which he had seen. However, he was clear that the diagnosis was an initial assessment. He listened to our questions and our challenges, and he allowed us to convey as much information as we thought could be relevant.

As the diagnosis evolved throughout the day, Dr. Pachtinger continued to check in with us and he was up-front in revising the diagnosis. With each development, he provided information clearly along with possible options and next steps. When the final diagnosis determined that Lily needed very serious and costly emergency surgery, Dr. Pachtinger was sincere and compassionate when raising the possibility of considering euthanasia as an option. As we discussed what to do, he entertained my direct question as to how he would handle the situation personally and he was frank in his response. Dr. Pachtinger’s optimism that the situation could be effectively treated and resolved made our decision for surgery easy. Dr. Pachtinger allowed us to see Lily one last time, to wish her luck in her surgery, and we left at peace and confident in the ability of the VSEC team to get Lily through this situation successfully.

Our interaction with Dr. Agnello was equally pleasant and reassuring. Dr. Agnello was immediately personable and warm in meeting with us and gave us a sense of her positive excitement of “let’s get this done,” and “Lily’s gonna be great,” attitude. After the late evening surgery, Dr. Agnello called us with a timely update, providing a quick outlook for what we could expect in the coming hours and days. Her positive energy was contagious and uplifting.

In the following days, we received detailed updates on Lily’s condition from Dr. Pachtinger, as well as Dr. Durkan. Our family was scheduled to depart for vacation to California for 10-days less than a week after Lily’s surgery which would have left her stranded in the care of a family member. Dr. Durkan understood our situation and was able to make arrangements to medically board her at VSEC, for which we are extremely grateful.